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2015.11.06 17:46


Vigyázat, rémisztő utazás a Szellemvasúton...

A Star Stable mostanság sok érdekességet osztott meg a hivatalos oldalán. Kezdjük is el egy angol interjúval, ami magyarul is hamarosan meg fog jelenni.

,,Hey Star Family! In this special extra news article, we’re bringing you an interview with Hannes Kristoferson, one of the lead story creators at Star Stable!

Let’s get straight into the questions on everybody’s lips!

Hey Hannes! Thanks for talking to us today. We wanna know about the new area! Tell us everything…

Hey everyone! Thanks for having me, it’s great to talk straight to the players and fans! Well, what can I say about the new area? Loads of people already know it as the Southern Harvest Counties, which is true, but the real name of the new area is Epona! Sure, it’s the area that forms the south end of the Harvest Counties, but now you know its real name!

So, Epona sounds awesome! Can you tell us more about the new places and towns? What about Fort Maria?

Sure! There’s the cute suburban town of New Hillcrest, the spooky Mirror Marshes, and the sleepy little Crescent Moon Village amongst other places. Fort Maria is still mysteriously locked up though, and no member of the public has been there for years. There’s a story going round that anybody who ever makes it over the walls and into the Fort is never seen again…!

Sounds like it’s time for some really adventurous stories! Who are the characters that we’ll meet along the way?

There’s a whole heap of new characters and families for you to get to know, and have you ever thought about how the Bobcat Girls might somehow be the only riding club on an island full of horses? Well, let’s just say they’re not alone! Exciting new story quests are going to advance you along in the GED branch of the Star Stable story, where there are all the twists, turns, surprises and new faces you’ve come to expect in Jorvik!

New Area! Story quests! Well, come on, we’re not gonna let you go without telling us about lead ropes!

Hahaha, of course not! Well the coolest thing about lead ropes is that they’re not actually going to be ropes… We’re calling it the ‘lead horse’ function, and you’ll be able to gently guide your horse along by holding its bridle, which we think is more fun and way cuter than ropes! All I can say about when they’re coming is that you should keep your eyes open for an announcement. Maybe an early Christmas present? Haha, you’ll see!

Thanks so much Hannes! It’s been great to talk to you, it’s always great to peek behind the scenes!

Thanks to you, too! Hope everyone’s looking forward to exploring Epona!

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